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Alessia started dancing at age 8, Massimo starting at age 10: always together since the age of 14!

Their first victory was the Italian junior championship, after which, growing and competing in other categories, such as the Youth, they were increasingly successful, not only in Italy but also internationally: they reached the semifinal at the International Championships, UK Open and Blackpool, the most important competitions in the world, and subsequently competed in the Amateur category where they won the world championship in 1995 and 1996.

Alessia and Massimo then became professionals, in 1997. Year in which they won the Showdance World title (a title then won for 6 consecutive years) and, to their great surprise, they made the final in Blackpool. They have been world leaders and winners of numerous competitions such as UK open, International Open, British open, German Open and Japan open, Dutch Open, USA Open.

In 2003, with a 10-minute standing ovation, they announced their retirement.

The partnership between Massimo and Alessia has been successful for over 20 years. Together, they have achieved 8 world titles, they have become European champions and 18 times Italian, amateur and professional champions, as well as 6 times world champions of the show.

All this was possible because they had a unique style, based on warmth, musicality and expression, taking into consideration the historical period, speaking of dance, in which the international style was considered only technical and not humanistic.

Their way of dancing as described above was the headstone of Dance As Fire. For them, dancing is not only fun but a source of growth.

After the competition...

After having stopped competing, they created their first headquarters in Vigevano with the dream of uniting the world of education and its benefits to the world of dance.

This approach to consider dancing as a mean of personal growth:

Personal (breaking down momentary barriers such as shyness and embarrassment, fear of not being up to it, freedom of expression in general).

Physics (mobility, blood circulation, aerobic activity, improvement of mood, coordination).

After a few years of intense study and research on personal development, they created a system called Mata-Dance, which combines personal development with physical activity of dance.This became a  philosophy in dance, a method that is used by many dancers at any levels and age, around the world.
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In 2017 Dance As Fire has become DanceAsFire Ltd: a new company for franchising of dance schools, based in Hong Kong, with more locations that share the same vision and mission, with the ambition to expand not only in Asia and Italy, but also all over the world.

The story continues ...

The Dance As Fire Meta method is a 360 degree personal evolution project. It is intended as a constant evolution on the Physical-Mental-Emotional plane, which allows the person-dancer to reach a higher level.

Many benefits, but above all:

Enhancing individualism

Grow your self-esteem

This is possible through personalized growth, through seminars, online videos, individual mental and physical coaching sections, and the various growth products offered in the shop.
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This  system is recommended for everybody who wants to reach exceptionality.

To know us better...

Vision / Mission

Vision / Mission

Being a point of reference for personal growth, both in the way we move and in the expression of our potential …

Dance As Fire


They are the guide to daily behavior, they are the ones who make you understand if you are on the right path in relation to your principles …

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