Dancing beyond the physicality

This book is an excellent tool for the competitive dancer. It focuses on your mentality towards your dancing and how to change your dancing by changing the beliefs and thought patterns in your mind. Sold all over the world, is the best-selling book for competitive dancers on Amazon in Japan.

When I thought about writing this book the first thing that came to mind was how to help dancers be dancers on the inside first; how to help them understand the magic of performance.”

I think that what we see on the outside is the result of an internal process.  Intention is stronger than aesthetic and passion stronger than technique.




iPractice with MAGBook written by Massimo Giorgianni & Alessia Manfredini


This book is aimed at helping dancers and people who operate in dance sector in the most fundamental stage of their experience in competition dance: practice! Often, when it comes to practice, dancers don’t know what to do, they act based only on some memories of emotions felt during lessons, or they pursue different targets.

In this manual, you will find many practical exercises and tips you will be able to perform alone or with your partner. In particular we explore seven points, or better the seven habits, which, from now on, can transform your training session.

“We believe that the seven tips given in this book, if correctly applied every day, can enable you to improve yourself both as persons and as dancers. The most important thing is to make these seven tips a part of you, of your habits.”

(Massimo Giorgianni & Alessia Manfredini from iPractice with MAGBook )

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