META – DANCER (Our Refery Model)

What it is
It’s the model of complete competitive dancer, par excellence. It ‘s the point of reference and an essential guide in the daily behaviour.
The model of Meta-Dancer consists of a set of behaviours and techniques that help the professional dancers to improve their performance and achieve the next levels of excellence.
In order for the model of Meta-Dancer functions, it is essential that the dancer is being willing to recognize his limitations, commits itself to improve its level, to reach the next level of excellence.

What it is able to do
A professional dancer must manage every day, in addition to training, several other factors such as stress of competitions, travels, the planning of workouts and the objectives to be achieved, which influence significantly in the performance and competitive results.
With the model of Meta-dancer, the dancer can optimally manage all of these factors, making the job of every day more pleasant and with better results.

Where it works
The Meta Dancer works on 3 aspects: Aspect Mental, Emotional, and that of the body.
The development and improvement of the management of these 3 aspects enhance the awareness dancer in what he does, helping him to achieve better results in terms of excellence.
The management of these 3 aspects doesn’t have an order of sequence, but depends on the personality of the dancer.

A process of Growth for everyone
The meta-Dancer is not a point of arrival and has no age, is a path of continuous growth for all those who have the desire to grow and to use all the potential they have inside them. The Meta-Dancer model helps you to reach new goals not only in the results of the performance but also at the human level.
The world is a continuous evolution of energies and the dancer cannot move only with dance choreography but also with the energies that belong to him.

Why using the Meta-Dancer

  • To get an overall picture of the situation
  • To develop the awareness of being able to move where you want to go and not in the mercy of chance and music
  • In order to analyze and take advantage of all the potential that each dancer has that are often not recognized and used effectively
  • In order to develop communication techniques in the couple, to make the workout a moment of confrontation, of growth and not of arguments, stress and confusion
  • To create and not only to follow the music