Skype Sessions


During the Skype Lessons you can work privately on 3 intelligences:

Physically: through sending videos of your practice or your competitions, we can value what to improve in physical level, and value your straight skills. We can give you some technical and physical help.

Do a plan of competitions and goals of the couple and of the single member of the couple
– A time planning
– Look and image planning for shows and competitions
– Focus on training and performance

Emotional: We can talk and solve situations where you feel you have difficult to express you feelings: during performance, in public speaking or during your practice.

– Have a personal coach directly on your computer

– To support and follow you in a continuous way during all the year
– For a constancy and motivational work

You can reserve your Skype Lesson sending an e-mail to:

You can choose between 3 types of session:

– 30 minutes €60,00 (VAT included) BOOK NOW
– 45 minutes €80,00 (VAT included) BOOK NOW
– 60 minutes €110,00 (VAT included) BOOK NOW

Please note: you will be address to to complete the order