DAF The Club

DanceAsFire The Club was founded in 2011, where, Massimo Giorgianni and Alessia Manfredini has created a methodology that aims to make people fall in love with dance and movement.
At DanceAsFire, you can find an unique and innovative methodology that enables people to learn in an easy, fast and fun way. The method and the path taken by the students bring benefits at all levels: physical, emotional and mental, giving well-being and self-awareness!
In all schools, DanceAsFire The Club customize individual lessons and groups, organize parties and events with the aim to make learning fun!
DanceAsFire The Club it’s for all the people that want to start to dance or want to improve their dance level!
The DanceAsFire studios, initially in Vigevano, have expanded in Italy and abroad with 8 other studios: 2 in Milan, 3 in Rome , 2 in Korea to Seoul and 1 in Hong Kong.

For more info visit our web-site: www.danceasfiretheclub.it