Dance As Fire


We believe that the crescista associated with the action are the essential elements for the success of any project.

The Dance As Fire Grow are dedicated days for the studies associated with the Dance As Fire project, where every role that operates in the dance schools is updated to give the best of itself, consequently to give an ever better service to all the students of the Dance As Fire.

The Dance As Fire Grow also aims to grow the person representing the school team, that of preparing the team for audits that are done 1 times a year directly by the parent company, this to verify and stimulate the preparation of all roles that make up the team of the dance school, and therefore allow them a planned growth and a certification that determines their absolute quality.

The Dance As Fire system is innovative in its genre, because it allows people who enter this project to have growth at 360 degrees, up to the role of franchisee, then become an entrepreneur, learning to manage human resources as well as appearance cheap.

These training days are led by the parent company, the chosen trainers are professionals in their sector.

we strongly believe that the success of a professional dance school, travel aligned with the preparation of those who compose it, for this reason the Dance As Fire Grow, is highly recommended for all schools and people who are part of this extended family… The Dance As Fire family.

June 7-8
September 13-14 with teacher exam
3-4 January 2021


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Life is created by Decisions… Decide!

Massimo Giorgianni

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