Dance As Fire


How many times have you heard “Roma Caput Mundi”?

Literally it means “Rome capital of the world”, but why? Rome, a city founded in 753 BC, has seen its territory expand over the centuries, to the point of creating one of the greatest empires ever, to the point of becoming the most important city of the antiquity. The reason why Rome had this name is exactly this: the very strong influence it has been able to achieve, over the centuries, in all the arts.

Rome, ancient, modern, beautiful, fascinating, a bit of a thief because it steals your heart, lady because it is enriched with its monuments, its churches, its ruins, testimony of a great civilization, curiosity is walking in the middle to know what it was like, how they lived … To the point that it almost feels like talking about it, as it is, unique in its kind, in its music, in its people and in its style.

In the eternal city every visit is a surprise.

16-17-18 April 2021
Rome Cavalieri, A Waldorf Astoria Resort


Now surprise yourself by deciding to take part in the world’s hottest dance competition, for dancers who choose to dream big, right here in Rome!

Imagine taking part in a dance competition in an enchanting place (the Hotel dei Cavalieri), feeling your heartbeats accelerate with emotion, listening to muffled noises and the wonderful music that will accompany the whole competition.

For us it is not important your result, but give you the best conditions to make you dance at your best. We have been competing for many years and so we know exactly what fascinates you and worries you about competing: that’s why we invite you to our Dance As Fire Championship, to realize the dream of all dancers, express their potential!

This is our goal!

This is our goal to satisfy your needs with determination and a lot of passion to make the dance competition a place where you can express your best regardless of how it goes… We are not perfect but we are determined to improve, because this is in the DNA of Dance As Fire.

We aim high, we want the Dance As Fire Championship to be an annual event for all the dancers in the world and for all the styles of the world.

In the 2 past editions Massimo, Alessia and the whole Dance As Fire Team, they felt excited and privileged. There was the opportunity to share with many dancers, from all over the world, unforgettable moments that will always remain in our hearts.

We promise that we will do everything to give you the best of ourselves, knowing that there will be the best conditions to give you an unforgettable experience!

We are waiting for you.

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The greatest dancers are not great for their technical level, they are great for their passion

Martha Graham


16-17-18 April 2021  at the Hilton Hotel dei Cavalieri in Rome.
International Open Competition.


2021 April 16: Dance As Fire Traning, lectures with high quality teachers and possibility of private lessons.

2021 April17 Pro-Am Lt / ProfessionalBallroom / Rising Star Pro. Ballroom / Amateur St. / Youth U21 Latin / U12-14-16 St. Latin / Pro-Smooth / Over40 Pro-Latin / Pro-Am Rhythm / Student-Teacher Latin / Student-Teacher Smooth / Rising Star Am. St. / U16 Latin / Senior Ballroom-Latin 1-2 / Solo Rhythm-St-Specialities / Beginner C-D all categories (Bronze, Silver, Gold)

2021 April 18: Single U16 / Professional-Lt /Risen star pro LT /  Pro-Am Ballroom  all class / Youth U21 St / Pro-Rhythm / Pro-Am Smooth / Solo Smooth / Solo Latin / Amateur Latin / Over40 Prof-St. / Student-Teacher St. / Rising Star Pro. St. / Risisng Star Am. Latin / Solo Specialities / Senior St. / Latin 3-4


A 5-star competition.

  • High quality music.
  • Ideal dance floor.
  • A close audience, this to give and receive energy.
  • Cleaning of the place.
  • General energy of the “positive” competition, important to be able to put the dancer at ease and give his best.
  • Easily accessible, we are in Rome!
  • Hotel where the meeting is organized is located in a lovely place, with exceptional service and rooms.
  • High quality judges.
  • Important jackpots.
  • Being able to take a vacation before or after the competition and then be accompanied by family members and share magical moments with them in a magical competition.
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