Dance As Fire


Have you ever wondered why some dancers know how to perform better than others? Or because the technical level decreases enormously on the day of the competition?
In Hi-Performance you will learn to answer these questions, and much more.

These techniques that have helped hundreds of dancers reach global heights, we are sure that they will also have the same effect on tea. It is 3 days where you will learn the techniques to reprogram your beliefs and skills in relation to the Performance.
If you want to express the best… you have to be at your best!

12-13-14 May 2021


Hi-performance has been created for the most incisive moment in the career of a dancer, the time to perform its potential on the track.

We know how many sacrifices the dancers make because we made them in our time, there are trips, lessons, training, very often teaching, and after all this if you don’t have the necessary means to know how to manage the day of the competition, it’s like having all the ingredients to make an exceptional picture but I don’t have the canvas to draw.

How many dancers we have seen with so many possibilities but unfortunately have not achieved what they deserved, because they are not able to be in the ideal conditions to give their best. Imagine being able to get on the track with that feeling of possibility instead of with the fear of not making it, imagine that you have that energy that communicates I want instead that I have to. It is not enough to do devastating simulations by dancing without stopping, the performance is not just for those who have more endurance but for those who can communicate and manage better in the time available.

We want to create skilled and free dancers so that they can excite those who watch them.

In the Hi-performance seminar it is a seminar that will make the difference in your level as a competitor, we will give you the necessary techniques to ensure that the moment of the performance becomes a pleasant, desired, desired moment. These sensations can be activated if you have the mental and physical skills necessary to be able to give your best.

Turn your performance into Hi-performance.

If you want to express the best…
You have to be at your best

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