Dance As Fire


For men and women who want to be a better leader and a woman aware of their role during the performance? Can you imagine refining the necessary skills more effectively and deliberately?
Awaken the potential leader that is within you, and the active and flexible woman to change through 3 days of training with experience and full immersion in the system used by Massimo Giorgianni and Alessia Manfredini that they have used for decades to motivate, enhance and change the performance of thousands of dancers around the world.

22-23-24 September 2021

Leadership and partnering

The course extends well beyond the singular definition of leading and following. Leadership training will explain the many leadership styles for different people, providing participants with fundamental tools to take them back and apply them both to their dance and to their personal life.

In addition, you will discover unique leadership and partnering styles and receive tutorials and real-time feedback on site.

Not all the great dancers were born these,
often great dancers are created

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