Dance As Fire


Have you ever wondered or asked yourself what makes you be musical? Do you find yourself questioning your musical sense?
In this musical approach seminar, you will learn the answers to these questions and get much more.

This event has helped many people realize the lives they previously only imagined possible. The three-day course will help you find the answer, providing you with tools to reshape your approach to music and plan your future performances.

7-8-9 January 2021

A musical approach

If you are looking for more satisfaction, more passion or more fullness in your dance performances, then this is the right event for you!

Imagine what it would be like to dance in total harmony with the music being played, imagine yourself feeling and seeing music without music… You will begin by gaining an understanding of how you do the things you do while discovering the unique techniques that shape your way of dancing, feeling and moving. You will identify the triggers that create emotion and pleasure in your movement and you will learn the strategies to eliminate monotony forever, also learning to adopt the musical mentality – Being musical is not a gift but a capacity.

We are not born musical,
we become Musical

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