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Thanks for making me start dancing

Thanks for making me start dancing

I present to you my parents, Carmela and Sebastiano, my original mother from Naples, my Sicilian father. They met in Vigevano a city in northern Italy, and here they marry and create their family.

The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams

Massimo Giorgianni

We are three brothers, my sister Caterina, my brother Mario and finally I Massimo. It was my parents who gave me the idea to start dancing… Today I have been living in the dance world for 30 years.
To tell you the truth, I didn’t want to dance, I was ashamed, not to mention when we had to do essays… It was torture!
Then over time I became passionate, and at the time we started all three brothers, and guess what, the only one who didn’t want to dance, today does this as a profession, I!

If my parents didn’t insist a bit, today I wouldn’t do what I do.

The dance helped me on more aspects, initially on my shyness, and then on the path of my career, it gave me a lot of possibilities, traveling all over the world, getting to know beautiful countries and therefore having had the good fortune of making friends in everything the world,, gave me the opportunity to raise my self-esteem, to speak more languages, to be in contact with my body, giving me a lot of discipline, being mentally strong, and finally overcoming the difficulties, the defeats I have had in dance competitions.

It was a considerable school of life.

I must also confess that I had 2 fantastic parents, they helped me financially when I was not independent, they took me everywhere for lessons, competitions, training, they were wonderful and I will be grateful… always, without them I could not initially chasing my dream. But one thing even more than all I am grateful for, they never reproached me, neither the money they gave me, nor the time they invested. They have been and are two ideal parents.
So I thank them for choosing to let me enter a dance school, I was perhaps the only one in my elementary school to do “the Dancer” as they called me, with a derogatory tone, and today when I see all my childhood friends, I notice admiration for the successes achieved, but even more important, to make from passion, a business.

One more thing I wanted to tell you if you are a parent, an uncle, in other words, if you have children that you care about, let them start dancing, have them try, then they’ll decide whether to continue. Dancing is an incredible way to get to know each other and get involved, and from a fun it could even become a profession, so it happened to me.

Massimo Giorgianni

9 Dicembre, 2019
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