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Franchising is a very interesting business system that today is one of the most sought-after business systems ever.

In fact the affiliate, starting from the brand value, from the constant assistance that is provided by the franchisor and from the minimal risk of the company in which he incurs, immediately acquires a commercial identity and enters the market in a competitive way. Furthermore the franchisees can count on the experience and assistance of the franchisors and on a series of advantages that we will list later. From the affiliating company they receive the right to carry out an activity conforming to a successful concept because they have already been tested and can acquire in the short term the know-how necessary to manage their own dance school.

It should not be underestimated that a franchising activity can also be opened by people who have never had entrepreneurial experience in the dance world, but who have an interest in creating a center where they can be an integral part of the team.

Everything comes from wanting to share a common dream with other people: the dream of being able to make this spectacular medium (the dance school) a center where fun and professionalism can create a business, replicable, thus giving the opportunity to people who work there to be able to grow in different roles until they can become an entrepreneur.

The concept of a dance school is about to change and people have become more demanding. Today people are looking for schools where all the staff is prepared and where, in addition to learning to dance from certified professionals, they find a place where they can spend magical moments.

Here are the advantages that you would have by opening your dance school with Dance As Fire:



You will be helped to find the best place to open your home and if you already have a home, you will be guided to increase its value.



You will have your own area, this means that no other Dance As Fire school will be able to open in your area.



Formations for all roles of a serious dance school and annual training for general growth.

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Shared events and annual meetings: meetings that include all the venues in order to grow to grow.



Access to a private area with video and educational material to improve skills and service.



Monthly meeting, if you feel the need, for any problem.



Know-how: first and foremost is the set of skills and experience that a franchisor transmits to his franchisee at the time of affiliation. The franchisor has already made mistakes and avoids you to repeat them making you save time and money, thus considerably reducing, though not eliminating, the business risk.



Autonomy: joining a franchise is a form of collaboration and not a subordination. This means that the activity you will open will be your property and, once the charges and contractual terms previously agreed with the franchisor have been respected, the profits will be entirely yours as well as personal satisfactions.



Assistance: having a larger company behind you or with an important experience in the sector that follows you and supports you in the various choices, even small ones, is another very important strength.



Management and Logistics: a Dance As Fire provides a software to manage logistics, service delivery and more generally to manage the activity clearly.



Possibility of expansion: the Dance As Fire project gives the franchisee the opportunity to expand after the opening of the first dance school by going to expand the area of ​​exclusivity and, of course, the gains.



Marketing Strategies: a very important aspect for the success of the school. Dance As Fire will also support you in this aspect, bearing in mind that you will be sharing a site and other social networks with the aim of improving the visibility of the franchised brand and its affiliated points.

With humility we can say that we are leaders in this sector.

If you have a dance school, or you want to open one, we will be happy to give you the information you need to enter the Dance As Fire world and share a prosperous future.

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