Dance As Fire


Values ​​guide all our choices and therefore our destiny. They are the guide to daily behavior, they are the ones who make you understand if you are on the right path in relation to your principles.

For us, values ​​matter a lot and are what give us the conviction that we are doing the right thing: they are the beacon of the company, metaphorically speaking.

When we chose the values ​​of Dance As Fire, we did it thinking of our typical student, identifying ourselves as much as possible in the role; this is how these key points were born, constantly updated and always in relation to the needs of our students, because they too make us understand what we do best and where we can improve!



~ Innovation ~


Growing to grow. Very often, growth needs innovation, but be careful: you don’t want to change, but implement.



~ Good mood ~


Becoming more and more emotionally intelligent and with this developing the habit of good humor, day by day.



~ Clarity ~


In one word “order”. Everyone loves an organized school where work is carried out efficiently and clearly.

Don’t try to become a successful man but a man of value



~ Implementation ~


That is oriented to the achievement of the prefixed objectives.



~ Service & Cleaning ~


Every Dance As Fire school loves to welcome its students in an ideal environment because it reflects on learning and the state of mind.



~ Honesty ~


Without humanity there is neither virtue nor true courage. Without honesty there is no lasting glory.

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Massimo Giorgianni Alessia Manfredini

About us

Massimo Giorgianni and Alessia Mafredini are the founders of Dance As Fire! Read our story, where we started and how far we went to get here …

Massimo Giorgianni Alessia Manfredini

Vision / Mission

Being a point of reference for personal growth, both in the way we move and in the expression of our potential …