Dance As Fire


We know how important your wedding day is, so we want to be part of this day by helping you make it even more special. In the Dance As fire studios we create customized programs to make sure that you can dance in front of all your family and friends on that day, to make it become a magical, unforgettable moment. We are able to understand what level you are in the dance and we will prepare you so that you are at your best on that day, always with irony and lots of fun, regardless of your age, dancing skills or physical abilities.

We will help you create a special “First dance” – whether it is so elegant, exciting or just fun. Amaze and be amazed on this unique day, with your new skills as a dancer, and make this day unforgettable, as it should be.




Your first dance wedding

Your first dance wedding

Dance with your spouse on the most beautiful day of your union, of your love. From some simple steps studied by the Dance as fire system, to move on to a completely choreographed routine, all this to make a dream come true, dance with your spouse in front of all family and friends, having fun together.


Father/Daughter & Mother/Son Dances

On this special day why not include your parents (or special friends or family members who will play that traditional role) in your wedding dance is a wonderful way to show your love for them. We also recommend planning some wedding dance lessons for them too. Dancing is a fantastic way to feel united and to create that necessary feeling for the day that represents union


Group dance for wedding

We entertain all your guests, we create a recorded choreography where you can project it and then share all iniseme following the video on your wedding day with your favorite music. In this way you will make everyone dance having a video guide of what to do.

Life is made of experiences,
make this day an unforgettable experience

In a short time our qualified teachers will help you step by step to create the dance that you will choose with your favorite music.
Book a meeting, bring photos of your dress, where the wedding will be held, and together we will organize your dance with your music for your guests. We advise you to prepare in advance, to start in time to be prepared for your wedding day, so call us today for a consultation. Bring your favorite song, photos of your club, the wedding dress with you… Everything you would like to share, to help us turn your dream into reality.

Wedding dance lessons are a great way to have fun and relax before the Big Day. With all the decisions, Contact us today, and give everyone at your wedding a dance to remember. the schedules and deadlines involved in planning the wedding, it is important to enjoy this moment together. This is a force that dancing has, use it.

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