DAF Franchising

Dance As Fire is a brand that can be used by franchises that wish to make use of the same method use by the founder Massimo Giorgianni and Alessia Manfredini.
Those who wish to enjoy the benefits of having this brand may send their request for an appointment at: info@danceasfire.com


Scuola-di-ballo-Vigevano-danceasfire-the-clubCorso Novara, 225 – 27029                        
Tel. 0381 312465
Mail: vigevano@danceasfire.com
Vigevano DanceAsFire  



scuola-di-ballo-danceasfire-the-club-roma-eurViale degli Astri 81/83 – 00144
Tel. 06 5203251
Mail: roma@danceasfire.com
Facebook: DanceAsFire RomaEur



scuola-di-ballo-danceasfire-roma-balduinaVia Alfredo Fusco, 39 – 00136
Tel. 06 3534 4319
Mail: romabalduina@danceasfire.com
Facebook: DanceAsFire – Roma Balduina