Dance As Fire

The present & future
of dance

We are Alessia Manfredini and Massimo Giorgianni, former Ballroom dancers, eight-time world sports dance champions, researchers, writers and great enthusiasts in delving into all those techniques that allow people to best express themselves during their life or work performances.

We ignite the vision of dance!

Dancing at a high level has been a means of expressing ourselves through rhythm, body, technique and tenacity. This tenacity has encouraged us to always give the best of ourselves, studying to be able to transmit our art to others. During, but especially after our competitive careers, which took us all over the world, we began studying the human potential, how the mind works, emotions and what allows us to give our best, removing the doubts that plague us.

We began the journey as dancers, but discovered that on the career path the essential thing is to find and express our own way of being, going beyond the physical gesture. Inside each of us lives an extraordinary potential and when this passes through the body filter, the magic begins!
So, after 15 years of dancing and studying, Dance As Fire was born!

Today, we want to propose a new and revolutionary system, the Dance As Fire PERFORM System, which works on the mind and body at 360°: the motto is DARE&DO that is “dare and act to reach your goal”.
This coaching system is suitable not only for dancers, but also for ordinary people who find it difficult to express themselves and their potential. Dance As Fire is, in fact, a school for personal development.

We propose a revolutionary system that works on mind and body, greatly improving the performance of those who embrace the path, PERFORM is intended for sport, dance, life, work. Only by having the means to manage yourself and those around you can you take action to achieve what you desire.

The history of
Dance As Fire

Dance As Fire was born out of a desire to
share talent and passion.

“It all began at the age of 14 when we started a dancesport course together. We soon realised that we had two options: one was to follow the masses and the other was to work even harder to discover our uniqueness…we chose the latter!
After many successes at national and European level, we won the
World Dance Championships for 8 consecutive years, both at
amateur and professional level.

However, our aim was not to win medals or trophies, our real intent was to spread a credo: we wanted to enter the hearts of those who watched us during the performance, we wanted to convey our feelings and our personality.

Our performances have been some of the most acclaimed of all time within dancesport and the level of our performances has led us to become leaders.

In 2017 we created Dance As Fire, a brand that, right from the name, encapsulates fire, vitality, the energy that is present in everyone’s body and all those forces that human beings, regardless of the field, need to release.

Communication, behavioural and human potential studies enabled us to offer a unique course that combines the intelligence of the body and the mind, proposing them TOGETHER for the first time.

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