Dance As Fire

Open a school

Open a Dance As Fire dance school, become
part of our network and join us in achieving
the brand’s mission.

Dance As Fire’s dream is to be able to build and share with other Visionaries the idea of a new way of doing business through dance schools.

It all stems from wanting to share a common dream with other people: the dream of being able to make our school, a center where, personal growth, fun and professionalism become part of a business. We believe that besides the opportunity to get in touch with one’s body that dance gives, there is so much more that we can achieve with our students, and this goes beyond the physical act. We are passionate about this body-mind-emotion connection, because in addition to enhancing the lives of our students, it also enhances our own.

An activity that, if you wish, we can build together, collaborating competently and professionally as a team.

Your benefits:

  • We will help you find the best place to open your school and, if you already have a space, we will guide you in increasing its value.
  • You will have your own area, which means that no other Dance As Fire school can open in your area.
  • We will guarantee specialised training for all roles within your school as well as annual training for business growth.
  • We will offer you shared events and annual meetings to grow together.
  • You will have access to a private area with video and educational material to improve your skills and service.
  • You will be offered a monthly meeting, if necessary, for any problem.
  • Know-how: è l’insieme di competenze ed esperienze fatte negli anni e che condivideremo nel momento dell’affiliazione. Drawing on our experience, we will guide you in avoiding the natural mistakes of those starting out in the business, thus considerably reducing your business risk.
  • Autonomy: joining a franchise is a form of collaboration and not of subordination. This means that the business you open will be your own and, once the contractual obligations previously agreed with the franchisor have been met, the profits and satisfaction will be entirely yours.
  • Support: having a larger company behind you with a lot of experience in the field, following you and supporting you in your choices, even on a small scale, is a very important advantage.
  • Logistics management: Dance As Fire provides software to manage logistics, service delivery and, more generally, to manage the business.
  • Expansion possibilities: the Dance As Fire project offers the franchisee the opportunity to expand after the opening of the first dance school, expanding the area of exclusivity and, of course, the earnings.
  • Marketing strategies: Dance As Fire will also support you in communication, sharing its website and social networks with you, with the aim of improving the visibility of the brand and its affiliated schools.