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E-Book – The Best Version of Yourself


E-book written by Alessia Manfredini. This book is about the uniqueness of your personal dance style! In a world of dance where the physical gesture is similar for the majority of dancers, its most important to know yourself and to know what you want and propose it during the performance! This is for your self-esteem and to enable all the emotions that the dance offers for you!

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Alessia Manfredini wrote this book for professional dancers but also everybody else who use to dance as a passion and a means to express themselves! In this book there will be her personal thoughts and experiences and also some concepts and ideas to help those who are in doubt or momentarily prefer more to imitate rather than to be creative!

Alessia shares her experience of over 40 years in this world of dancing. Also personal experiences and some scientific studies that all together allow you, the reader, to learn how to become more unique in dancing and how to bring out the best of yourself!


Table of Contents:

  1. Chapter 1 – Imitation and learning
  2. Chapter 2 – Learning by imitation
  3. Chapter 3 – Courage to dare
  4. Chapter 4 – The art of creating
  5. Chapter 5 – Perform as an artist
  6. Chapter 6 – What does slow us down
  7. Chapter 7 – Believe
  8. Chapter 8 – Your potential
  9. Chapter 9 – Technique and creativity
  10. Chapter 10 – Do, the science of all artists
  11. Chapter 11 – Do your maximum
  12. Chapter 12 – The body, seashell of our soul
  13. Chapter 13 – Conclusion
  14. Chapter 14 – The Dance As Fire project
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