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Training – Find/Express your style


13 & 20 June 2020 @ 5.00pm (CEST)


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The aim of this course is to understand what your style is and how to express it to the public. We chose this topic because we realised that 90% of people believe that today’s couples all look alike and that they would like to see more individuality.


Creating a style is not about changing your dress, but rather understanding more deeply what makes you feel unique. That is the purpose: to understand and express yourself. You are no longer one of many, but you are an authentic dancer with a unique style, even when performing dance steps. Improving one’s authenticity and uniqueness affects both one’s personal life and dance life. Often, the technical side is put at the forefront, without leaving room for the personality of the dancers or the couples who perform these techniques. With this course you will be able to tap-into your individuality and authenticity.


The course is open to both standard and Latin American dancers and teachers.

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