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Training – Master your mind


1 August 2020 @ 5.00pm – 7.00pm (CEST)


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The mind of a new generation of dancers… the meta-dancers.


Massimo Giorgianni, after being an 8 times world dance champion, has studied and continues to study his great passion: personal transformation. Over the last 15 years, Massimo devoted body and soul to researching and implementing a selection of strategies to win every day, during practice as well as the day of the competition.


This is the first online course in which Massimo Giorgianni will talk about his studies related to the discovery of human potential. The purpose of this course, consisting in two online sessions, is to know and put into practice the mental strategies of a brilliant performer. Everything starts by taking the first step.


Winning is a decision and a responsibility. It starts with an internal journey – an exciting one – filled with obstacles and opportunities to discover one’s potential. Our thoughts and emotions have to be trained just like our muscles! The decision to achieve your fullest potential starts within you.


Have you noticed that there are three types of people in the world of dance?

  1. Those who watch things happen.
  2. Those who are surprised by things happening.
  3. Those who make them happen.


We have never been given the “instructional booklet” on how to unlock our best minds nor a magical medium that, for a moment, can make you see reality from a totally different perspective. In Massimo’s experience as a competitor, teacher as well as a coach and entrepreneur, the mind makes all the difference. The reason for this?  Luck can be excluded for once since it only intervenes occasionally. You cannot be “lucky” your entire life. The truth is that an individual who is used to winning, despite external conditions, does so because they are used to observing and perceiving things that a loser does not see or do.


If one doesn’t know how to manage themselves, it will be difficult for them to achieve their goals. Focusing only on the physical side is not enough! The more ambitious you are, the more you have to learn to manage yourself. This course will assist you with this. These strategies are effective and just need to be put into practice for you to achieve extraordinary results.


In addition to the two-hour training course, you will receive a 45-minute private online coaching session.

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