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Through inspiring stories and concrete advice by the world’s top dancers, the “7 Habits of Success” video will help you learn to put together a simple plan that is highly actionable. Through the tips included in this video, you will be maximizing your practice and mastering the mindset of a true dancer.


This is not just an educational video. It is a strategy that will help you put a plan into action and revolutionise your dance. Are you ready to take control of your dance and practice?


The results you are achieving are related to your behaviours and, therefore, your habits. It is by replacing unproductive habits with optimal ones that you will achieve incredible benefits in your personal life and dance life. This video will enable you to become more aware of the habits and behaviours necessary to become successful in dance, as well as give you principles that are applicable to your everyday life.


The video provides a practical system to:

  • Understand productive habits and learn how to acquire them.
  • Go beyond your comfort zone.
  • Increase self-confidence and safety in performance.
  • Explore your potential.
  • Establish your goals and work for them every day.


Table of Contents:

  1. Chapter 1: Habit – Responsibility
  2. Chapter 2: Habit – Thought towards not away from
  3. Chapter 3: Habit – Attention and intention
  4. Chapter 4: Habit – Champion’s state
  5. Chapter 5: Habit – Internal and external communication
  6. Chapter 6: Habit – Energy
  7. Chapter 7: Habit – Doing not thinking
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