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This video includes targeted exercises for individuals and couples who wish to improve their basic physical and technical dance movements. The Ballroom Fit method is accessible to all standard dance followers, without any distinction between dance levels. It was developed to enable one to implement the exercises through a personal approach and apply them on a daily basis in total autonomy.


Ballroom Fit consists in discovering one’s own body as well as diverse muscular and spatial movements, without resorting to tools or to one’s partner (a decisive advantage for modern dancers who often finds themselves doing non-functional and unconstructive workouts).


One’s success in ballroom dancing is primarily affected by the efficiency of the exercises. These have the potential to transform any dancer into a perfect one, over the course of a few months.


Through this video, you will learn the benefit of completing these exercises on a daily basis, gaining further awareness on the different movements your body parts can do.


Table of Contents:

  1. Chapter 1: Head movement exercises
  2. Chapter 2: Spine movement exercises
  3. Chapter 3: Leg movement exercises
  4. Chapter 4: Foot movement exercises
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