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Video – Female role in ballroom dancing



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Understanding the female role in standard dances is essential. Often, woman do not sufficiently develop their activity as an individual as well as their contribution to the couple.

In this video, Alessia Manfredini shares the values ​​necessary to freely express your emotions in relation to your partner.

This video will give you a clear course of action to improve your role as a female in ballroom dancing through the following values:

  • Trust
  • Patience
  • Participation
  • Knowing and forgetting
  • Measure
  • Power of silence

Each of these values will be clearly explained individually, so as to enable you to understand them and put them into practice. They will make a difference in your dance and in the clarity of the role you have in order to perform at your best. Knowledge is the first step, acting upon that knowledge is the second step. Take your first step now!

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