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Dance as Fire is an international dancing school, a special laboratory for dancers that wish to grow higher in the emotional level during the performance. After over twenty years as international protagonist in the dancing field, now we are involved to help dancers to become protagonist in the dancing competitive world. We have worked passionately and hardly, to create the best strategies and tools available to help to close the gap to achieve the maximum potential.




“Dance with out fear”
Lodon, UK
13-14 May 2015








written by Massimo Giorgianni.

This book is an excellent tool for the competitive dancer. It focuses on your mentality towards your dancing and how to change your dancing by changing the beliefs and thought patterns in your mind. Sold all over the world, it is the best-selling book for competitive dancers on Amazon in Japan.

“I think that what we see on the outside is the result of an internal process. Dancing must be done on the inside first. The internal motivation must be created before the external movements can be done. We have to know ourselves better.” (Massimo Giorgianni, from the book “Dancing beyond the Physicality” )

written by Massimo Giorgianni & Alessia Manfredini

copertina3WebThis book is aimed at helping dancers and people who operate in dance sector in the most fundamental stage of their experience in competittion dance: practice! Often, when it comes to practice, dancers don’t know what to do, they act based only on some memories of emotions felt during lessons, or they pursue different targets.

As teachers, we could observe how planning and focusing on practice enabled many couples to achieve their targets in less time and, most of all, to finish their training sessions with a smile on their faces. In this manual, you will find many practical exercises you will be able to perform alone or with your partner.