Dance As Fire


DAFire Official Program
Through the PERFORM system DAFire offers, online and offline, an exclusive and concrete path for each individual to express themselves at their best and achieve the desired performance.


Our ambition is to guide everyone to act with enthusiasm and self-confidence, releasing emotions in every performance.

Our values


In acting authentically we help people to feel true to themselves, freely expressing their status.


The continuous update in the use of innovative techniques and the constant desire to grow guarantees a high level of competence and ensures the effectiveness of the system’s pathways.


Taking action is the primary aim of DAFire and its motto “Dare & Do” represents the attitude to realise the goals set.

DAFire Official


A primary value to be able to make changes in one’s life: we believe in the courage to get involved and we encourage everyone to do so.


Going beyond appearances is necessary to stimulate our minds to find alternative solutions, both within ourselves and in contact with anyone who wants to grow.

The reason for our logo?

UNIQUE, ICONIC, DYNAMIC, even our logo represents
the values and spirit of Dance As Fire, as well as the
evolution that has characterised us over the last few

The acronym DAFire was born from the union between
the competitive background of dance and the world
of coaching, representing our new approach as well
as the new proposal of the PERFORM system.
Red represents the element of FIRE, a symbol of
passion, determination and the strength that fuels the
potential of each of our students. DAFire Official
is made to measure for each individual.