Dance As Fire


You will learn a set of techniques concerning somatic intelligence, body movements and its qualities, with the aim of communicating with
it at its best.


You will be able to easily achieve
harmony with others and with your environment, you will study how to manage your perception of it as well as its influence on your performance, developing high environmental intelligence.


You will quickly get in tune with
others during the performance, with the audience, partner and team, using your movements and the correct emotional state.


Thanks to an awareness of
yourself and your body, you will become the true protagonist of your performance, improvising and expressing yourself freely, fully developing your emotional intelligence, strengthening your intuition and managing negative emotions.


We will teach you a set of techniques concerning the development of personal style: the individual identity and characteristics that make a difference during the performance.


Everything around us has a rhythm,
a harmony: music is inside everyone and only when we are able to express this harmonic sense do we manage to reach the heart of the spectator and the audience.


You will use MENTORING and AWAKENING techniques to become fully aware and in control of your flow during the performance as well as to achieve your goals.

Dance As Fire

A process to discover the 7 intelligences of the PERFORM system, providing you with the tools necessary to express your potential and uniqueness, not only in training but above all during the performance.

The process includes a growth that is both technical and existential: you will become more responsible, structured and, as a result, more effective.

If you are a dancer:

  • You will become aware of your potential and learn to put into practice the physical, mental and behavioural techniques necessary to achieve your goals.
  • You will improve the quality of your athletic movements through programmes tailored to you, eliminating physical and mental insecurities.
  • You will learn to communicate with your partner in an appropriate and effective way, without doubts or frustrations.
  • You will learn how to manage all interferences from your surroundings to your advantage, avoiding wasting time and energy on your journey.

What we offer

Individual live and online lessons, webinars and shop products (books, audio, video).

If you are a dance teacher:

The PERFORM system will help you become aware of your role and structure appropriate and effective teaching programmes.

  • You will develop your teaching techniques.
  • You will learn how best to communicate with your students.
  • You will be able to grasp the potential of those around you and then make the most of it.

What we offer

Individual lessons and videos.

Life As Fire

Life is an obstacle race. Whatever your difficulties you will certainly know the importance of the right mental and emotional attitude: through the PERFORM program you can work on your performance at 360°, successfully reaching your goals.

If you are an individual who wants to reach their goals:

  • You will eliminate bad moods, fears and uncertainties about your abilities by acquiring the right attitude.
  • You will strengthen your beliefs by limiting interference from your surroundings.
  • You will increase the endurance of your performance.

In the case of group sports, a customised team programme is provided.

What we offer

Individual lessons as well as online and live training

Work As Fire

Get involved and learn the most effective strategies to always make the best decision in every area of your life. With PERFORM, you will finally achieve your personal goals by structuring a plan of action and finding the necessary and appropriate tools. You will face challenges, become aware of your emotions and transform your fears into motivation and inner strength.

If this is what you are looking for, the PERFORM
LIFE&WORK programme is the right choice for you.

We will work together:

  • On the development of your personal growth.
  • On improving and learning your communication and interpersonal skills.
  • On professional growth through the enhancement of one’s competences/skills.
  • On acting without doubt.
  • On communicating at best with your body.

What we offer

Webinars and live meetings, individual lessons, videos and products from the shop.

Teach As Fire

The results of your team or class are a reflection of your attitude and that of your collaborators: thanks to PERFORM you will rediscover the talent of each individual and the concrete capacity to generate change and growth through group cohesion. The results will be tangible and measurable in the organisation’s performance, giving your business a turnaround and optimising profits.

If you are a teacher:

PERFORM TEACHER is aimed at classes, teams and groups of people who share common objectives (professional, corporate or personal), offering a customised programme built on the basis of a briefing to understand one’s specific needs. We propose:

  • Work on individuals, their behaviour and approach to the goal.
  • Team building activities to increase group cohesion and effectiveness.
  • Problem solving exercises, to manage the problem and solve it together.
  • Improvement of the approach with the students.

What we offer

  • Personal meetings: In this phase we work with students individually.
  • Group meetings: In this phase we work together with the group of people, connecting all the class.
  • Field meetings: we will work directly at the workplace to see firsthand the work process of the whole class.